ADR Snap Tape Products

snap tape products!
purchase zip rod, add snap eyelets and snap tape
fast unlimited open draw, 27 finishes, unlimited length, made in the U.S.A.

3" Carved Wood Zip Rods 3" Smooth Wood Zip Rods 3" Fluted Wood Zip Rods
2" Carved Wood Zip Rods 2" Smooth Wood Zip Rods 2" Fluted Wood Zip Rods
snap tape and snap eyelets 2" Painted Metal Zip Rods 2" Polished Aluminum Zip Rods
1" Painted Metal Zip Rod 1" Polished Aluminum Zip Rods Cornices
2" Tortoise Shell Bamboo Zip Rods Get the Look  

Snap Tape Snap zip eyelets