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bed hardware - ceiling canopy bed kit
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product :

Twin - 3'6" x 6'6" Full - 4'6" x 6'6" Queen - 5' x 7' King - 6'6" x 7'


1. Start at #1 Connection and screw all rods into a square, flat on the floor.
2. Add drapery rings or sew drapery on rings before the 8th connection
3. The 8th connection is a sleeve with 2 set screws, not a connector screw
4. 2 people lift square to the ceiling and mark where brackets go below each connection
5. Hang brackets loosely, opening must be facing inside
6. Adjust ring/ring drapery locations on rod square for bracket locations
7. 2 people lift entire square of rods up to ceiling and drop into loose brackets
8. Tighten brackets
(Please note: brackets must be in studs or ceiling joists to hang heavier drapery panels. Also note: hardware or drapery must never be hung over a child or infant area without being tied back so children my not pull brackets our of the ceiling. These brackets are not intended to hold the weight of a human body.)

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 For correct color matches, please order color finish samples.