2" Bamboo Rods - Product Catalog
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2" bamboo rods
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choose one from below:

under 8 feet, standard rod sizes
  under 8 feet, custom cut
over 8 feet to 24 feet
  over 8 feet, custom cut


This is a very hard product to manufacture! 

  1. 50% of each shipment we receive is unusable because of cracking and insufficient curing.
  2. We hand select poles with ends to match our 2" or 1" finials, brackets and rings.
  3. We hand drill holes between each node to keep from cracking in a home due to temperature changes.
  4. We hand tortoise shell with fire, earth and water in a 3,000 year old style.
  5. We hand wash the earth and smoke off.
  6. We hand fill the hollow ends with our exclusive bio based resin and cure.
  7. We hand drill the resin ends for finials
  8. We hand quality inspect again and bag.
  9. All in our factory here in the USA!


For really fast traversing, use our Ring Glide Tape (ACTAPE). If you are ordering a White or Heavy Cream finish, you will need to use the Ring Glide Tape. 8 feet long, $10. Click here to shop.

Use with 2" style finials
Note: Brackets and finials are cast stone and not available in natural or tortoise shell bamboo. Suggested Finishes for cast stone accessories:  White Wash Gold, French Oak, French Oak Goldwash, Italian Walnut and Italian Walnut Verdigris

Note product is natural bamboo and will deviate from one rod to the next.

Due to product being produced of natural & renewable materials, color of rods & rings may vary.

We make unlimited length rods. Please email gcs@antiquedraperyrod.com for complementary quote.

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 available finishes (mouse-over to view larger color sample)

 Color may vary by monitor or printer.
 For correct color matches, please order color finish samples.